Dr. Julia Jarosławska-Miszkiewicz joins the WELCOME2 team

Dr. Julia Jarosławska-Miszkiewicz joins the WELCOME2 team and takes the position of an Assistant Professor in Prof. Carsten Carlberg’s nutrigenomics group.

What is the core area of your research work?

During my scientific career, research topics that I undertook focused predominantly on the impact of various environmental factors, such as diet, bioactive compounds in a diet, ambient temperature or physical activity on diverse aspects of health and metabolism.

What made you want to join Prof. Carlberg’s team?

I have worked with a variety of animal models so far, and the idea that animal research can sometimes be a poor predictor of human experience is not new. Therefore, I see my involvement in the research of the Welcome 2 project as an opportunity for development and an opportunity to look at the same scientific problems from a broader, perhaps more relevant perspective. I also appreciate the fact that Prof. Carlberg encourages his team members to think for themselves and pursue their research interests.

What do you hope to achieve in Prof. Carlberg’s team?

I expect hard work that brings high-quality results and good scientific papers. All of this, besides being rewarding, will lay the foundations for the future goals I have set for myself.

In this busy world, where do you find inspiration and energy for your scientific work? What motivates you?

When I am working on something new, I read articles or listen to podcasts on these topics, all that thinking and exploring allows me to come up with better research ideas. As for my motivation for research, I think it is rooted in sincere curiosity. I also believe that you do not need special motivation when you like what you are doing, so I try to engage myself in tasks that bring me joy.

How do you like to spend your free time?

My favourite spare time activities include outdoor sports, travel, reading, and recently discovered gardening hobby. Since free time is often a luxury, I try to enjoy simple things that are easily accessible on everyday basis, such as morning coffee drunk in peace and quiet or a moment of time spent out in nature.

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