Open seminar with Lars-Oliver Klotz | Selenium-binding proteins: from SNP to function

Lars-Oliver Klotz, Professor of Nutrigenomics at the Institute of Nutritional Sciences at Friedrich Schiller University in Jena, Germany, gave a guest lecture on ‘Selenium-binding proteins: from SNP to function’, with which he inaugurated an open international seminar series as part of the Welcoming ERA Chair to Centre of Excellence in Nutrigenomics to optimise health and well-being project.

The impact epigenetics in nutrigenomics research

Prof. Carsten Carlberg, WELCOME2 ERA Chair speaks about the impact epigenetics in nutrigenomics research during OL-PAN seminars at the Institute of Animal Reproduction and Food Research, Polish Academy of Sciences.

Omics technologies in food and health at SCIDATACON-IDW SEOUL 2022

Prof. Carsten Carlberg gave a lecture at the SciDataCon-IDW Seoul 2022 conference within the session “Using Big Data in Improving Human Health through Food Science and Technology”. It was another opportunity to promote his research on nutrigenomics and the ERA Chair WELCOME2 project implemented in the Institute.