Grant Specialist on board!

Krzysztof Wilczek, experienced grant specialist, has just come on WELCOME2 board  with the mission to support IARFR’s staff in designing, developing and submitting high-quality grant applications in competitive funding calls. “My ambition is to spearhead the process that will enable the Institute to become a ‘strong player’ on the European market of research institutions capable of winning most prestigious grant calls” – says Krzysztof.

My professional background:

My professional career is almost entirely committed to working as a grant specialist and project manager. I have started working in this sector since the first pre-adhesion funds in 2002 and continue until now. I used to work in private companies, the NGO sector, public institutions and local authorities. I gathered a lot of professional experience ranging from preparing to managing projects in many areas such as business, infrastructure and social affairs. 

My responsibilities as Grant Specialist:

My responsibilities as the Grant Specialist will be to help develop and submit high-quality grant applications in competitive funding calls, introducing the measures that will upgrade the management and administration competencies of IAR&FR staff, including online Research Management Guidance and execution of the training sessions.

My ambitions to achieve in terms of Research Management Guidance for the benefit of the Institute:

My ambition is to design and lead the process that will enable IAR&FR to become a ‘strong player’ in the European market of research institutions aiming for most competitive funding opportunities . The preparation of the Research Management Guidance is the stepping stone in this direction as it will make our efforts more efficient and sustainable. The RMG will provide Institute’s staff with an integrated researcher-centric and project-based solution. It will bring in one place all the latest information needed to apply for and maintain grants, navigate complex policies, and conduct safe research in compliance with regulations. I’m sure that the achievement of this goal will also allow the IAR&FR staff to be more competitive and visible in the European Research Arena.

My interests:

I’m passionate about gaining new experiences, travelling, meeting people from different countries and cultures as it can open many doors and broaden horizons. In my spare time, I help organisations, mainly the NGOs that work for the environment and better community relations. 

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