​HR Manual For Foreign Researchers

HR Manual For Foreign Researchers was created to help IAR&FR PAS employees from outside of Poland to better adapt in our country and in Olsztyn. HR Manual should be considered a guide book that will accelerate the understanding not only of relocation procedures but also Polish history, culture, cuisine and customs. The content of the HR Manual should evolve, as it is just the primal version. Hopefully it will be further developed with help of foreign researchers who would share their thoughts and opinions about their stay in Poland and Olsztyn.

Download HR Manual For Foreign Researchers

HR Manual For Foreign Researchers tries to cover all the aspects of life in Poland. Foreign employees can find here basic information about Polish heritage (history, culture, language, traditions), but also day-to-day routines like public transportation, taxes, bank accounts, housing etc. HR Manual also tries to present useful information about the IAR&FR PAS and the city of Olsztyn.

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