Parcival Maissan

Tanya Tripathi
Parcival Maissan
PhD student

Parcival Maissan graduated in biomedical sciences with a major in metabolism and metabolic diseases from the University of Amsterdam (Netherlands). During his internship at the Swammerdam Institute of Life Sciences, he investigated how the dysregulation of Forkhead- and Sirtuin-dependent mechanisms could be linked to aging and age-related diseases.

Later, at the European research institute for the Biology of Ageing, he worked on the role of senescent cells during anti-cancer and senolytic treatment in human and mouse cancer cell lines, and the influence of metabolism on senescent cell formation and cancer treatment efficiency. Additional investigations included the role of diets such as HFD and varying levels of caloric restriction in the accumulation of senescent cell markers.

He joined the WELCOME2 group as part of the NUTRIOME project, which aims to develop an algorithm capable of generating personalized dietary recommendations that promote healthy aging through an individual’s (epi)genome. His role in this project will be to provide data used in the creation of the algorithm based on (epi)genomic and transcriptomic profiles generated from immune cells obtained from subjects participating in a nutritional intervention study.