Nutrigenomics in Olsztyn: present and future

Prof. Carsten Carlberg, WELCOME2 ERA Chair holder, has held an open meeting with the staff of Reproductive Biology and Food Sciences divisions of the Institute of Animal Reproduction and Food Research PAS.

The meeting titled “Nutrigenomics in Olsztyn: present and future” was a chance for prof. Carlberg to talk about his present research on vitamin D and about his vision for more general projects in the future. He discussed the impact of epigenetics ranging from embryogenesis to daily adult life, in particular in context of the immune system. The presentation included also an outline of the methods prof. Carlberg will bring to the Institute and the possibilities for collaboration with different groups within the Institute. The meeting ended with a Q&A session.

Omics technologies in food and health at SCIDATACON-IDW SEOUL 2022

Prof. Carsten Carlberg gave a lecture at the SciDataCon-IDW Seoul 2022 conference within the session “Using Big Data in Improving Human Health through Food Science and Technology”. It was another opportunity to promote his research on nutrigenomics and the ERA Chair WELCOME2 project implemented in the Institute.

Vitamin D in nutrigenomics and under the microscope

Vitamin D in nutrigenomics and under the microscope – under this title Gdańsk Medical University (GMU) held a series webinar implemented as part of the “Excellence Inititative – Research University”.

Nutrigenomics of vitamin D ​at Warsaw University of Life Sciences

Prof. Carsten Carlberg talked about nutrigenomics of vitamin D during an invited lecture at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences.