Prof. Carsten Carlberg one of the speakers at NuGOweek 2022

Prof. Carsten Carlberg, ERA Chair in the WELCOME2 project, will speak at the NuGOweek 2022 conference organized by the European Nutrigenomics Organization (NuGO).

The 18th edition of the NuGOweek conference will be held in Tarragona, Spain, from August 29 to September 1, 2022. This year’s event will follow the topic “Bioreactive food components in disease prevention – from mechanisms to chronic nutrition.” Professor Carlberg will speak about “Precision nutrition through vitamin D” on the first day of the conference as part of the presentation of new NuGO members.

What is NuGO?

NuGO is a prestigious international association of universities, and research institutes focused on advancing research in nutrigenomics, food systems biology, and personalized nutrition. As of March 2022, our Institute is a member of NuGO, having joined the association precisely on the initiative of Professor Carlberg.

NuGO has two main goals:

  • Stimulating developments in molecular nutrition, personalised nutrition, nutrigenomics, nutrigenetics and nutritional systems biology by joint research projects, conferences, workshops and training.
  • Shaping the nutrition bioinformatics infrastructure, by initiating, coordinating and facilitating projects in this area, and by hosting the open access dissemination of all data, results and information.

NuGOweek 2022

The NuGO Association meets annually during NuGOweek – this time, the event will be held in Tarragona. One person represents each member organization – Prof. Carsten Carlberg on behalf of IARFR PAS.

This year’s NuGOweek will be divided into four main thematic sessions:

  1. New insights into the activity of food bioactive compounds.

During this session, speakers will focus on the effects of nutritional compounds on our bodies. They will try to answer the question: how do fruits and vegetables shape the intestinal microflora, and, among other things, do procyanidins from grape seeds protect against aging? Scientists will also discuss the connection between gut and brain and the use of beta-carotene in treating obesity.

  1. Precision Nutrition.

This session will focus on learning how a personalized diet can help treat diseases, including metabolic and cardiovascular conditions. Speakers will discuss how diet-related diseases can be prevented by advances in “omics” sciences, such as genomics, proteomics, metabolomics, metagenomics, and transcriptomics.

  1. Biomarkers and disease: strategies, discoveries, and new trends from omics data.

During this session, speakers will focus primarily on identifying specific biomarkers to detect and describe nutrition-related diseases. They will talk about blood biomarkers that can be used to prevent obesity and type 2 diabetes, among others.

  1. Chrononutrition: giving rhythm to the metabolism.

The final session will focus on chrononutrition or the importance of what we eat at what time of day. Understanding these mechanisms may prove crucial in answering the question: why don’t all diets always work? The inclusion by dietitians and nutritionists of the critical variable of the diurnal rhythm can yield promising results.

The full NuGOweek 2022 program can be found here. Registration for the conference is encouraged here. A table of registration fees can be found here.

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