Prof. Carsten Carlberg wins OPUS grant powered by National Science Centre in Poland

The aim of his project is to investigate the mechanisms of epigenetic memory at the example of the responsiveness of human immune cells to vitamin D.

The results of a 2-year intervention study, where participants will be asked to take a monthly bolus of vitamin D3 (during first winter), and later on a daily supplementation (during the second winter), should allow us observe the responses of the epigenome and transcriptome of immune cells to vitamin D that are found in all study participants as well as individual-specific responses.

This will facilitate understanding the molecular basis of individual differences in the response to vitamin D, referred to as the vitamin D response index. As a consequence, we will be able to provide more personalized advices for vitamin D supplementation, in order to obtain optimized health benefits in terms of a well-functioning immune system.

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