WELCOME2 the team!

Beata Marmulewska has joined the team of ERA Chair WELCOME2 as a specialist for good laboratory practice and research data management. Her work will help the Institute deliver the research results generated in the project as public good. Let’s meet her better!

My professional background:

I have many years of experience in the food industry and quality systems. As a food technologist, I was responsible for making sure the food products were safe and met specific standards. I was involved in developing the manufacturing processes and recipes of dairy food products. The quality and health safety of food has become an important element of my professional development, which is why I started working in the certification body as an Product Manager. I performed audits and monitored the quality of a company’s products, developed quality control procedures and oversaw quality control team.

My responsibilities as the Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) Auditor:

The main purpose of the role of the GLP Auditor is to assure management of the compliance with the GLP regulations within the Institute. I will develop and implement the policy of good laboratory practice, conduct internal audits, share knowledge though trainings, as well as supervise and coordinate the work of lab teams to ensure quality.

My ambitions to achieve in terms of GLP program and its benefits of the Institute:

The main goal is to develop and implement the principles of good laboratory practice in Institute’s Core Facilities. Next step is to undergo certification, which will help the Institute to be more recognizable and trustworthy in the European Research Arena, with the generated results receiving confirmation of quality and reliability.

My interests:

One thing I’m passionate about is professional development and healthy food. I am interested in the conditions of primary cultivation, with particular emphasis on the proper use of plant protection products, fertilizers, the selection of appropriate cultivation techniques and the quality of the manufactured product in terms of safety for human health and the environment.

Feel free to contact me: b.marmulewska@pan.olsztyn.pl

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